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Expect the Unexpected

The Doxing Bible

Welcome to the official online resource known as “T​he Doxing Bible”​, you have now officially placed yourself in a position to gain far more knowledge than the common forensic investigator and we are glad you chose wisely with your resources. This eBook will not only allow you to implement theory into practical work, but you will have your own forensic service up and running in no time. The resource has been compiled and compressed into a single booklet that will teach you the key aspects of web forensics investigating (d​oxing)​, and web forensics removal (f​ootprint removal)​, both of which have been created and published by two experienced web forensic investigators who established a presence on forums. Throughout the years, there have been many forensic related services and eBooks that allow you to somewhat get a grasp of what doxing is and how it can contribute or be somewhat beneficial, however these eBooks would only contribute/inform you about a small portion of the whole forensic framework, which both Dubitus and myself deemed extremely repetitive and saturated. This is why we are offering the “B​ible”​of all doxing ebooks and we are even adding private methods to increase it’s value and to ensure that it is unsaturated. So, without further adieu, allow us to indulge you in the best forensic ebook on the market, the book that is known as “T​he Doxing Bible”​.

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