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Spamming Shop Auto CC shop cvv Script 2023

You Can Sell Credit card Banks accounts Online wallet accounts Shells Channel/whm Scam pages Email lists and combos Letters for scam emails Php mailers SMTPS RDPS Scripts and hack tools Admin panel Users control Settings activate or deactivate any market place / coin-payments settings / membership prices / activate or deactivate membership section / logo / site name News posts / can post HTML news that will be displayed on the home page of the site Withdraw requests / approve or cancel withdraws requests / archive payments Switch on/off bitoin payment Switch on/off paypal payment Seller rating system / buyer can rate each purchased item and this will reflect to the seller of the item purchased Item report system / buyer can report any purchased item on store , and this will automatically open ticket and invite seller on I’ve chat between buyer/seller/admin Refund system / seller can refund reported item easily Deposite system Withdraw system Individual Store link / Each sellers have individual link that can be shared on social media or forums (ex: where 102 is seller id 5 best sellers on home page Item check system / buyer can check any item before buying / check cc / check shells / check channel/whm… Login page Register page Forgot password page About script:Languages : PHP 7, HTML, CSS, JS, MYSQL Script core based Codeigniter SQL Injection test passed XSS test passed Contact Us for Support Concerning Installation, thank you.

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