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Ingenico iWL250 Wireless POS Skimmer

The iWL250 series is designed for mobility and benefits from the latest technologies. Boasting a wide array of wireless connectivity including GPRS, Bluetooth or even both in the iWL280, the iWL200 series delivers faultless 24/7 communications while slashing operational costs.

  1. Ingenico iWL250 save Track 1/ 2 + PIN and sends the data through GSM line.
    – Processing Debit and Credit Cards.
    – Not communicate with the bank’s servers.
    – Give the customer a receipt of the transaction.
    – Programmable message such as Thanks for Payment , Communication Error, Declined, Insufficient Funds, No Signal.
    – Comes with full guide, CD and cables included in the package.

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Great! Thank you for the product, received and packaged well.

2022-11-01 14:16:09 UTC


Thank you :) I received product and I will be transacting more business with you guys.

2022-10-22 18:30:09 UTC

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